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The God Essence

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

We recently made a viral TikTok that stirred up a lot of questions, laughter & spiritual dialogue. The conversation about "SEX" needs to take place in our community. The crucial impact that sex will have on your life. The lack of knowledge, awareness & consciousness will take you down a path that could of been prevented, with this type of valuable information. We all have freewill in this game. Do what works for you. But, let me share with you the benefits of locking it down for 5years+ transferring sexual transmutation into genuine peace, bliss & love. We wish we would of got this message earlier--The power of holding on to your true essence, staying pure for your soul & protecting your own energy will take you so far in this physical experience.

  1. Enhancing Sexual Energy into Creative Energy

This is the power of Manifestation. When we put all of our focus onto a project, goals & ideas-- the energy begins to rise up into the third eye charka as you see things more clear. Clarity is extremely important into manifesting magic onto your life. Your vision is crystal clear with clear focus for the downloads to tap into your consciousness. We must be ready to receive the unverisal wisdom when it comes because it will get us closer to the creativity process. The reason why one may feel drained, unmotivated, tired & exhausted because some life forces will be sucking your energy away from you. We call these spirits- spiritual vampires, succubus & incubus. If you take time to breathe & connect with your own spirit the attention will begin to expand. Ideas start to flow towards you. Instead of forcing to "Make things Happen" the universe starts to "Let things Happen" for you. Work less & achieve more.

2. Higher Emotional Intelligence Level

Once we get sexual involved with the other we tend to feel like we have possession, ownership or control because of the soul-tie that has been created. By holding on to your God power, you start to become like a eagle with a bird eye view vision. It's power in overseeing a situation & thinking logically about the bigger picture. If we start operating in our feelings all the time we will be making unreasonable choices with a unsound mind. Increasing your emotional intelligence will transpire into the discernment to read one's character, intentions & motives. Having a high emotional intelligence level will have you deflecting harmful energies and protecting your soul. You will be able to prevent a negative situations by trusting the gut feeling without need the physical proof.

3. Making Peace With Your Inner Child

The true frequency that will always win is peace. When you're able to make peace with one self, forgive on self & honor one self. You find gratefulness in each experience that has taught you a valuable lesson on this magical journey. The way to true healing is first recognizing our inner childhood wounds that we are still carrying as a adult. This is the real reasons why relationships maybe difficult, one may have trust issues & codependent ways that will reflect our life because we may not have gotten our needs met by our parents, loved ones & family in those areas. As we being able to face the soul in the mirror by parenting ourselves first. The Inner wisdom of true love transform. Love, joy & peace follows you. You radiate a energy that is unmatched by keeping your soul pure.

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Toria Snell
Toria Snell
3 days ago

great read!! I swear the veil is lifting keep spreading knowledge sis!

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