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Childfree Happily Ever After

We are all chasing after a fantasy, fairy-tale or a dream. Once, we woke up from being rocked to sleep by baby lullabies-We realized it's best for us to opt out of the misery, the stress, the consumer mindset or simply the matrix. Instead of using the energy to be on survival mode to transmute towards thriving & shining. Since, we're here on this beautiful universe-let's make the best out of it, right? But, if you never took a moment to ask yourself what make's you smile? What makes you feel the most at home with self? What does a peace of mind mean to you? These questions shifted my mind, my life & interacting on this journey. It's power once you listen to yourself. That's the game changer is putting yourself first on this journey.

Put yourself first & don't feel bad about it baby. We can no longer act like we can pour out of a empty cup or simply drive on empty. You must feel yourself up first, Know who you are & why did you decide to come here? Once, We stopped listening to the lies about chasing after the pursuit of happiness. Started simply observing society has been accustomed to. These made-up rules only leaves everyone miserable & filled with anxiety. We made a conscious decision to put God 1st on this journey & it ultimately lead us into establishing the most important relationship with myself.

This is when we reached true happiness, joy, bliss & love. Everything started making sense and aligning so perfectly. Life is so simple if we decide to make it easy for yourself. This is why we made the choice to live a childfree life. By understanding the climate of this reality & the illusions we create on a daily. I'll rather not put anyone through the pain, the trauma and confusion this world will being to a human. This life is meant to discovery who you are, express your true self in human form & be the light others may need in the darkness.

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