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Stepping Into Wholeness Unapologetically

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

This Self-Love Journey is no joke. It's not for the weak. It's intense. It's liberating. It's a process. Once I realize it's not a true destination to healing. We began to enjoy the ride. Here's 4 SIMPLE tips that has help me increase the vibrations and protect the pure peace.

1. Learn To Say "No."

Woah, There! Such a simple yet powerful statement that will increase our boundaries. But, we feel bad if we say that word. Let me just remind you that you don't have to example your self to a soul. You don't ever need to compromise your morals to others. Lastly, never I mean NEVER dim your light to make others comfortable. If they don't agree with your decision, Let them kick rocks. These are temporary individuals that we're never meant to go with us on the next level up. If we should stop ignoring the signs and open to our eyes, we will no longer be blinded by the true colors of others. Say "No." Boldly with a smile on your face. Treat yourself with that genuine love by Choosing YOU.

2. Trust Your Inner Guidance.

Some may say listen to your gut, your intuition or the inner voice. This is the inner wisdom, the inner knowledge & the truth we all have inside of us. We have been program to rely on others for answers when we have all the answers within. We have to increase our child-like faith and trust ourselves again. The simple act of believing in our inner guidance will take us closer to the Self-Mastery which is the ultimate power one could have in this life-time. Go with that first thought. It may come off spontaneous, silly or unrealistic but trust God will never steer you in the wrong direction.

3. Focus On The Feels

It's MEGA important to focus on your GOOD feelings emotions. Its power in manifesting our dreams to feel good all the time. Society has made this generation be filled with anxiety, madness & depressed. This is not it. Your truth is blissfulness, happiness, joy & peace. If your not feeling good emotionally it's because you're currently out of alignment. We have to realize the only thing we can truly control is ourselves. It's how we choose to respond to others and unpredictable situations. Make it a priority to wake up in gratitude for the simple things. For example, being able to breathe and you have another day to achieve. You have won! When we shift to the attitude of gratefulness we will think twice about the spirit of doubt, excuses and worry. Now, this is how our faith will increase and God will manifest our vision to reality by Trusting The Process.

4. Speak Life To Yourself

Why are we so mean to ourselves? That's truly insane that we can speak so ill to ourselves and not think twice about it. Only if you begin to be aware that our words have power and it's playing a huge part of our success. THINK TWICE. If we are wondering why certain things seem hard, check yourself. How are you speaking to yourself on a daily. It's okay to talk to yourself. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Every time you look in the mirror tell yourself how good you look, how beautiful you are and how much you love you. No one from this outside world will save you so save yourself. Tell yourself how proud you are for the accomplishments you have gotten so far. It's only the beginning of the truth magic of your Wholeness.

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Toria Snell
Toria Snell
3 days ago

This definitely gives me a lay out on how to get started on this self love journey !

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