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Embracing Living Consciously Single

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Let's discuss this single life baby! Most never experienced it before due to the social pressure around the label of "being single." Trust me, it's different levels of singleness too. 1. Single but still entertaining ex's, sneaky links & on dating sites. Next, The "Single" that is all wrapped up in the emotions of being sad, miserable & depressed looking at couples so now, it's more of a state in desperation. This is operating from lack instead of abundance. Now, Moving on to being "Consciously Single" This is the state of wholeness, abundance & being love. When you're at this place you're no longer looking, searching or finding anything outside-you're truly love.

1. Have patience with yourself on this journey. The more you have patience with self now, you will give others the space as well. Embracing this season your in & purely enjoying life for what it is. You shift for the place of forcing & move toward the art of flow. This simple shift is allowing things to happen in the pace it should. As you plant your seeds- it will take time for it to grow. Look as yourself as a beautiful tree & focus on your roots, which it SELF. Now, once the tree grows it will give value to others as being the shade for them to sit under & not need anything in return.

2. Living Authentic in your own truth by loving the freedom of it. Consciously single has so many lovely benefits by simply not having to example yourself to a soul. Living on your own terms and being truly committed to self. Checking in with your feelings and having the emotional intelligence to self-soothe when you're aware of the balance. Imagine living free from exceptions, worries, fears because you're no longer interested in the outside because your center going within'.

3. Be your own best friend, your own partner & your biggest cheerleader. We are all capable of pleasuring self, encouraging self & accepting self. Once we remove the ego by validating ourselves. We longer "need" our needs met by something/someone external. We put the power back into our hands by manifesting the ambitions we desire while focusing on what honors self. Entering this level of satisfaction we will radiate others towards us because of this magical relationship with self.

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